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BTB-A / B semi-automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine


BTB-B semi-automatic transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine for the test paper, cosmetics, medicines, food, health supplies, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other transparent film box three-dimensional body paste package (the same packaging effect and cigarettes).
1. Film packaging moisture, dust, oil, security features.
2. Heat shrinkable packaging machines greatly improve the packaging yield and decorative effect, and enhance the market competitiveness of the packaged products, so that sales can surge, and increase the added value of the product.
3. Than heat shrink packaging machine saving more than 80%. Two years savings in electricity can buy a semi-automatic transparent film packaging machine.
4. Low prices, less than one-third of fully automatic transparent film packaging machine.
5. Stable operation, high reliability, almost no maintenance.
6. Strong adaptability, a machine can dozens of specifications of the box packaging. Mold low prices, quick and easy replacement. Compact structure, small footprint, light weight, almost unlimited space for packaging.

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